Choose Candy Gift Boxes for Your Gift Packaging

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To send a candy gift box or basket will surely prove perfect for your sweetheart, friend, a family member, even as a business gift. Outside of family and friends, many professionals send candy gift boxes: realtors send them to new homeowners upon a sale; companies send them to new employees or employee parties or anniversaries. Of course, a candy gift box serves as the perfect birthday surprise or when called upon to bring a dish to any party or special occasion, everyone will enjoy a sweet box of gourmet treats.

Here we've listed the best candy box picks, all of which you can mix and match for sweet, candy gift boxes. Any combination guarantees you a unique, quality gift box that any recipient will surely enjoy.

Give the Gift of Gourmet Brownies and Strawberries

Send a gift full of sweet fruits covered in chocolate along with gourmet brownies all in one perfect gift box. Perfect for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, a birthday, for Mother's Day, or just to show a special someone that you care, a Chocolate covered strawberries & gourmet brownie gift box is sure to impress.

When looking to send fruit, like strawberries, consider going with a Belgian chocolate covered shell. Belgian chocolate serves as the best in the world because of the craftsmanship put into the chocolate-making process. Not only do the Belgians more precisely make chocolate, they grind their cocoa beans much finer and use less fat and sugar. Also, look for the ripest strawberries and make sure shipment includes insulation, including soft foam around the fruit to ensure it's not crushed during its trip.

Along with delectable, perfectly ripe strawberries dipped in Belgian Chocolate, pair this gift box with chocolate-dipped gourmet brownies for an irresistible combination. Nothing goes together like chocolate, gourmet baked goods and juicy, ripe fruit.

A True Delight: A gift box full of chocolate-dipped cake pops and gourmet cookies

If you want to give a unique candy gift box full of sweet delightful treats, consider a box of chocolate-dipped cake pops or chocolate-dipped gourmet cookies-or why not go all out and give both!

Simply put, cake pops consist of cake, dipped and on a stick. These tiny cakes are rolled in melted chocolate and then stuck atop a lollipop stick. The best cake pop picks come hand-dipped in Belgian chocolates and decorated with a fancy variety of nuts and candies, and individually wrapped for ultimate freshness.

For all out decadence, a perfect pairing to cake pops, consider adding an assortment of chocolate-dipped gourmet cookies, often including a classic, chunky chocolate chip. Dipping cookies in chocolate creates a beautiful candy that makes a great gift.

As with most chocolate candy gift boxes, make sure your cake pops and gourmet cookies are carefully packaged in an insulated, cooled gift box.

 Indulgent Chocolate Gift Boxes
Chocolate is the perfect gift for any holiday, a thank you, or the perfect gift to carry into a party. Consider indulging in Chocolate gift boxes. You can find many assortments of this kind, but put together each item here and you have a dream gift box!

Everyone loves an Oreo cookie. Now, imagine a chocolate-dipped Oreo Cookie. Yes, it is like a dream! You can even find this heavenly treat designed with small candies as well. This unique treat makes the perfect gift that will make you the talk of the party. You simply cannot go wrong. Even better, add some gourmet chocolate-dipped brownies. Make sure the brownies are moist and chewy for maximum delight.

We also suggest adding some more classic chocolate-dipped candy treats. Perhaps add sweet and salty chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks to your gift box, a popular treat around Christmas time and anytime gift. Also, consider classic, golden graham crackers dipped in Belgian chocolate for the perfect crowd pleaser.

Chocolate Covered Candy Treats for All

The hot, new trend for the sweet tooth, chocolate-covered rice candy treats are all the rage. An added bonus, adding this candy to your gift box will please those who have gluten allergies, a more common food intolerance.

Today, it's estimated that about two million Americans alone suffer from gluten intolerance. Also called Celiac Disease, this condition leads to damage the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food, all as a result to eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, and rye. Rice Krispies use brown rice in their marshmallow treats, thereby a beloved snack everyone can enjoy.

Well, hopefully you find your chocolate cravings satisfied with this list of abundant ideas for the perfect gift box full of sweet and savory treats. Satisfy any sweet tooth and give the gift of candy with these gift boxes.


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